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Welcome to, a website dedicated to the insights of tech industry professional, Samantha Foss. Samantha recognizes that, in today’s world, there is a growing interest in learning more about technology and its applications for reasons such as safeguarding data, streamlining tasks, and monitoring key processes across industries. To this point, Samantha Foss has dedicated her time to providing accessible resources that help professionals and tech enthusiasts contextualize their experiences in the space.

Samantha Foss Bio

Samantha Foss is a technology professional who has brought innovative tech solutions to businesses for over 20 years. Samantha’s interest in tech first began when she was young and was able to see incredible advancements in the field take place at a rapid pace. Samantha would later serve as a business development professional specializing in operations and logistics before stepping into tech and quickly rising the ranks of several prolific tech companies. Samantha Foss has since served in several capacities within the industry, most recently as a tech administrator and consultant guiding organizations towards goals of preventing cyber-attacks and data leaks, maintaining communication channels, unifying systems, and more. Over the course of her career, Ms. Foss has built a reputation as a talented leader who goes above and beyond to ensure that organizations’ tech channels are properly set up for success.

Samantha Foss on Choosing the Best Technology Consultant for Your Business

Many businesses that do not specialize in technology must, at some point, hire on a consultant who can assist them with crucial strategy and implementation that maintains the health of the business. Samantha Foss speaks to how choosing a consultant can be a daunting experience for professionals without formal education in tech. Reason being, they may not know exactly what to look for or how to maximize the scope of the assistance they receive. To help simplify things, here, Samantha features a few tips for choosing the right tech consultant for your business.

Consider Current and Future Needs

According to Foss, one of the most important steps towards choosing the best tech consultant for your business is to consider your current and future needs. For example, maybe your business needs to work to fix degraded network performance or there is the risk of security issues. Having a clear picture of your goals and need for a consultant is crucial because it will ensure that you ask all the right questions and match with a professional whose plans align with your organizational goals. Remember that the best consultants do not just prepare businesses for the now, but they have comprehensive strategies for helping businesses with processes such as expansion and strategic goal setting for future projects.

Know Your Budget

Your budget can be a huge factor in your ability to invest in a tech consultant. In the beginning stages of your search, it is always a good idea to prepare a realistic budget quote that a tech consultant can utilize to get an understanding of the funds available for your strategy. Samantha notes that businesses will want to also include consultant fees into the budget for best results. Samantha Foss also encourages business to keep in mind that there are consultants in all price ranges depending on the scope of services you need. If a consultant that you are considering is doubtful of making things work with your allotted budget, it may be wise to shop around to get an understanding of what average rates are in your area and industry.

Samantha Foss working on a budget

Do Your Research

When you have narrowed things down to a few consultants, a little research can go a long way towards choosing the best one for you. Online platforms can reveal a lot about a consultancy such as their reputation, specialties, level of experience, scope of services, and more. Reviews can provide a clear picture of how a consultancy operates and the general publics’ opinion of their work. Of course, it is smart to take online reviews with a grain of salt. However, if you notice many testimonials across platforms about their high-quality service or inversely a lot of feedback regarding their shortcomings, it may be a sign that the reviews adequately sum up the experience of working with them.

Trust Your Gut

When working with any professional in a collaborative setting, it is vital that there is an understanding and that you feel as though you can work together in a meaningful way. Sometimes consultancies are more than capable of assisting with your tech needs, however, their customer service or way of conducting business does not align with yours or tends to rub you the wrong way. When you are speaking with consultants, never discount how your interactions with them make you feel. If you do not enjoy speaking with them or feel as though their candor leaves much to be desired, it stands to reason that you may hold these same feelings after the partnership is firmly established. Always trust your gut when choosing professionals you will be working closely with!

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As an expert in tech, Samantha Foss knows just how important it is that those interested in the space keep up with the fast pace of innovation, advancement, and implementation of technology. Samantha Foss prides herself as a professional invested in the future of her industry, and she speaks to how accessible, high-level information can be immensely valuable to other professionals and tech fanatics alike. Ms. Foss aims to use this site as a resource for content that addresses key areas within her field and contributes to ongoing conversations currently driving advancement. Future content by Samantha Foss will feature topics such as the multiple uses for IT and supplementary technology in businesses small and large, tips for professionals interested in careers in technology, and how professionals without a formal background in tech can harness its power for upward mobility and better efficiency on the job.